Building Blocks of the Metaverse

The concept of a metaverse is not new, but it is only recently that technology has caught up with the imagination. To create a true metaverse, several building blocks must be in place. This overview takes an in-depth look at the building blocks and technologies that can enable the metaverse. 

Historical Roots of the Metaverse

From Imagination to Reality: Uncovering the History of the Metaverse

From its early beginnings as a concept in science fiction, the Metaverse has been envisioned as a virtual world where people can interact and experience limitless possibilities. Take a look at its history and explore how this idea has evolved over the years, leading us to the world of virtual reality we know today.

Woman enjoying her Virtual Reality Headset

The Top 5 Characteristics of the Metaverse

There are many different opinions and viewpoints on what a Metaverse should be, how it should look like, the key features that should be included, and what technologies are needed to build it. Learn about the top 5 characteristics of the metaverse.

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